Revolutionary cost-effective idea – Biowaste to electricity system

FimusKraft biogas plant gives you a possibility to turn the waste cost-effectively into electricity, heat and fertilizer. Modular design enables easy and inexpensive scaling up. Each module produces 30 kW electricity and 60 kW heat. Different combinations of biowaste can be used. For example the minimum inputs for system are the waste from 200 cattle, 800 pigs or 3000 humans. The fertilizer product is environmentally friendly, nutrient-rich compost for plants, high in nitrogen.

The process itself is very cost-effective. FimusKraft biogas plant can be a stable electricity source for other power plants, e.g. solar or wind power networks. The modules can be installed quickly anywhere. It can also be very local, when no energy is needed to waste in transporting of waste materials. The electricity production can also be stand-alone off the grid. Even wireless operation is possible.

Different combinations of biowaste sources can be used, some examples: