Fermentation – The key of the process

FimusKraft biogas plant has a revolutionary gas turbine to produce the electricity. But the soul of the biogas plant is the fermentation process. The process and temperature control are accurate. Automation includes also the automatic on-line gas content analyzer.

The minimum inputs to the process are the waste from 200 cattle or 800 pigs or 3000 humans. Different combinations of bio-waste can be used. The input material is pre-treated for optimal power output. Fermentation process is at such a high level that waste (fertilizer) product is safe for humans, it is suitable to use as fertilizer for food plants.

The process will proceed as described below:

  • Organic waste in the system
  • Input storage and Pre-process activation
  • The Fermentation unit
  • Gas Storage
  • Digested material conditioning
  • Turbine-generator to produce the electricity
  • Fertilizer product, organic high nitrogen compost material out